New generation lightweight 170 Netwon Life Jacket

The maXtek 170N is a versatile lightweight lifejacket that is suitable for all boaties requiring an economic manual life jacket. Suitable for yachting, power boats and commercial operators. This is the most popular style of lifejacket due to the fact you are not restricted.

Suits weights over 50kg. Waist belt adjusts up to 150cm.


  • Comfort - No bulk
  • Maintain the correct flotation position in the water (face-up)
  • Comfortable long wear option compared to foam life jackets
  • 170 newtons of buoyancy when fully inflated
  • Commercial heavy duty weight protective outer cover
  • Easy re-packing
  • Economical re-arming kits
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Features manually triggered gas inflation (1 inflate per
    canister), plus a mouth piece for inflation/deflation.
  • CE ISO 12402-3 approval

~ Made in Europe

~ Includes Whistle

Inflatable new generation lightweight 170 Netwon Life Jacket